Find a Fantastic New Floor

Make Red Wyatt & Blue Construction your go-to flooring company in Nixa, Mo and the surrounding area.

Your floor isn't just a background detail of your home. It's an important aspect of every room.

Think about it. No matter how tasteful your furniture and decor are, your home won't look polished or elegant with a worn-out floor. When your floor is clean, beautiful and well-kept, your whole space will shine.

When you're ready to seriously upgrade your home, choose Red Wyatt & Blue Construction in Nixa and Springfield, MO for your flooring installation.

Our flooring company installs hardwood, laminate, tile and imitation wood flooring. You can choose from a wide range of flooring options to express your personal style. We have something to complement every unique home. We'll even provide a one-year warranty for your new floor.

Reimagine your home with new flooring

Reimagine your home with new flooring

A new floor can bring a new sense of style to your home. Our flooring company provides an array of options to help you create a whole new look.

When shopping for new floors, you can:

  • Use cool-toned wood, for a modern vibe
  • Select high-quality tile, for style and durability
  • Choose solid wood, for an elegant, long-lasting floor
  • Pick a laminate floor, for a low-maintenance alternative
  • Install imitation wood, for a great look with less maintenance
Discuss your flooring installation options with a Red Wyatt & Blue Construction professional today. Call 417-755-1245 now. We'll be happy to talk about all of your choices.